Winter in Ukraine

It has been a while since I wrote. We have started the Spring semester obviously at the seminary, but there is hardly any sign of Spring. It didn’t start snowing until January, but it now is snowing with a vengeance. It is snowing as I write right now and it is cold. But we are thankful that we are not catching any of the flu bugs going around.

Anna and Benjamin are doing well in school, although they dreaded getting up this morning to start another week at school. Mary and Abigail are always excited about snow, so chances are they will be doing some sleding some time today.

I am teaching Hebrew and the book of Genesis this semester. I will also be teaching another class that is a result of a partnership we have made with the Talbot School of Theology. After a long process, we are now officially an extension site for their campus. We are still our own school here, of course, but we offer a degree that is accredited by Talbot. We are very thankful for this development. And I am particularly honored that I will be teaching one of the first courses. Please pray for this program which we feel will greatly benefit the Lord’s work here.

We are also preparing for home assignment this summer. We are finishing up our second term, our second four years. In June we will return to the states to live for a year while we try to increase our support. We will then, Lord willing, return the next June to Ukraine. So many things are working out, it is obviously God’s provision. Our landlord is once again assuring us that we can continue ot have the apartment while we are gone, subletting it to another missionary family. And it looks like the Lord has provided housing for us back in the states for a year. We can hardly believe it, but then again, how can the Lord’s goodness still be a surprise to us?

Please pray for me as I am getting more opportunities to preach as well. I will be preaching this Thursday in church, and Anna will be singing and playing the guitar. Please pray that God will be honored and that people will come to Christ. Thank you for your prayers and support for our ministry.

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