Rejoice with Us!

We are plugging along this semester and just had a bit of good news. One of my students at the seminary has been accepted at a Christian school in Belgium. Now, what does this mean and why is it good news, you might ask? Well, it relates to our mission here, which is to make disciples who can in turn become disciplemakers. At the seminary we are training evangelists, church planters, teachers, who teach at all levels, from children’s Sunday School to seminary level. We want to help the church here and basically work ourselves out of a job. The Ukrainian church invited us to come and help, and we are seeing answers to our prayers.

There is a severe crisis of leadership in the Evangelical Church here in Ukraine. More than 200 hundred church leaders left the country last year. And who will take their place? We are working hard to fill a need and feel privileged to be a part of what God is doing. Well, we are training leaders at all levels, one of which is for seminary teaching. We can teach them so far, but they really need more training to be a teacher at our or another school. One graduate has already received a Eurpoean degree from this school in Belgium and he is now with us, teaching and translating. And now this week, we learned that another one of our students, Volodya, has been accepted to study in Belgium for his master’s degree.

Volodya is a godly man with a great deal of potential. He was married a year ago, and they are both eager to pursue this opportunity. Lord willing, he will return to fill another leadership role either at our school or at another school somewhere in the former Soviet Union. The harvest is truly ready and we are seeing God send workers into his harvest field.

The Lord is also blessing our family as we prepare for home assignment. We will return to the States in June 2007 to live there for one year. We have dropped in our support level to about 87% and we need to try to bring that up. Please pray with us about that. Below I have put some pictures that we took recently of our family.


This is a picture os our current faculty at Kyiv Theological Seminary. We gathered for a Christmas get together in early January. If you remember, Christmas in Ukraine is celebrated on January 7th.


Anna has been playing the guitar, taking lessons from our music minister at church.


Here she is performing at a Sunday morning church service. Praise the Lord our services are running around 450 people right now. Basically all of these are from conversions. Praise the Lord!


It has been very cold recently. This is a lake near our building that has frozen over. Donna and the kids are there ice skating.


Here is Mary skating. Hard to believe we’re all from Texas!


Benjamin is a great big brother, giving his sister Abby a ride.


We are so thankful to the Lord for his blessings on our family and on the church here in Ukraine. Please continue to pray for us, and we hope to see many of you soon when we return this summer!

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One Response to Rejoice with Us!

  1. Eric says:

    Great news and great pics make a great entry. Thanks for the notice and keep up the great work! -Eric

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