Kyiv Seminary and the Talbot Program

We are preparing for home assignment as we rap up this Spring’s ministry events. We are so grateful for your prayers and your support. We have been about 10% under-supported as we finish up our fourth year here. But the Lord always provides. And some of you have increased the amount of regular support you give. We are always amazed at God’s blessing and provision, and his people’s sacrificial generosity. We will depart Ukraine for Texas at the end of the second week of June.

Just last month Kyiv Seminary hosted its first classes in association with Talbot School of Theology. Talbot is a conservative Evangelical school in California, and they have agreed to have an accredited masters program in Biblical studies at our school.

Talbot Group foto

Above is a picture of some of the Talbot administration and Baptist church leaders, together with some teachers and students on the first day of classes. This will be a part-time program, which means that students will come for two weeks, twice a semester to study at the seminary.

At this first session, those students who were married were encouraged to bring their spouses. Donna and the other faculty wives led a program of orientation for them while I started teaching the first class for the students.


Donna led the worship time for them. We were very thankful for the positive feedback the wives gave to Donna and for their whole time together.


I was honored to be asked to teach the first class: an introduction to Biblical languages. Although we did talk about grammar, a class like this gives me the opportunity to discuss Biblical topics at a much deeper level. The structure of the program required that the students and I cover 35 hours of class time in only four and a half days. It was a bit grueling, but very exciting.


The children have been busy. Mary this past Sunday recited some poetry with her Sunday School class in church. She does this all in Russian. I am amazed at all of them. And it is amazing how fast they are growing. When we return, those of you who saw them last will be amazed. And another milestone was passed this week. Abigail, our youngest, has now learned how to ride a bicycle all by herself. So naturally, we figure the hard part is over. Its downhill from here.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. We hope to see all of you this coming year.

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