The Final Countdown

We are about three days from leaving Ukraine for the States.  We have been preparing our apartment for the people who are going to be living in it while we are gone.  We have been cleaning, storing and packing.  And even though there are three days left, we are about ready to say, “Forget everything, let’s just go jump on a plane.”  At this point it feels like any plane will do.  But seriously, we are closing out things here, and are looking forward to seeing family and friends, and starting our home assignment.

Above is a picture of the teachers and graduates praying at the conclusion of the graduation ceremony for the seminary.  All of the students are already heavily involved in ministries of evangelism, discipleship, church planting, and teaching.  They are seeing many people come to Christ.  And now that they have received more training from us, they leave us with more freedom to do ministry.  We are passing along to faithful men and women what has been given to us, and they are going and making disciples (2 Tim 2:2).  What a privilege and blessing.  And in all of this we do all for the glory of Christ.

Please pray for us as we travel.  We leave for Houston on Thursday.  Thank you for your prayers and friendship as we come to the end of our second four-year term in Ukraine.

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One Response to The Final Countdown

  1. eric says:

    Lots of great pictures on your blog. Love it. Mark you look so studious with a tie and in my opinion, you stand head and shoulders above the rest. Have a great stateside assignment. I miss you here! ERiC

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