Back in the USA & Happy Anniversary

2007 Summer Mark and Donna

We made it! We arrived on an airplane in Houston, TX, on June 14 and have been living with my (Mark’s) parents in Katy. It has been a great time of catching up with them and seeing many friends at our home church, Katy Bible Church.

We are now in Littleton, Colorado at our mission’s headquarters. We arrived last night and will be here a week. When missionaries come in off the field, they like to take them aside at HQ and see how they are doing and what the coming year holds.

Another event makes this day special for Donna and me. Today we celebrate 18 years of marriage. On this day in 1989 we promised we would love each other with God’s love for the glory of Christ. Well, we are still growing, but I am so thankful for this dear woman who is my friend and companion for life. All glory to the Lord for his wonderful gifts.

Please pray for us as we begin visiting our churches and supporters, that we will be able to share our joy at what God has done and is doing, and that God will enable us to return to Ukraine fully supported next summer. Thank you for your continued prayers.

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2 Responses to Back in the USA & Happy Anniversary

  1. Vova and Lena Yakim says:

    Dear Mark and Donna! Happy Anniversary!!! May Gob bless you with many more happy years together 🙂 and joyful ministry.
    We miss you 🙂

  2. Karl and Julie says:

    Happy Anniversary! What a great picture! Karl mentioned that y’all are all grown up – this from the man who now wears reading glasses and has more grey hair than black! Hope you had a great week in Colorado. Happy birthday to Anna, too! Look forward to seeing you at Christmas. Lots of love!

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