Mary and Her Tooth

We are settled into the house the Lord has provided for us, and things are going well. I just wanted to put a note on the blog, however about our Mary. She is an energetic, growing kid who loves to have fun. This past summer she got to go to ‘horse camp’ at Camp Winchester (Thank you granddaddy!). Above is a picture of her with her counselor in front of their tent. She had a blast.

Well, Mary is now in school, but she has a problem with one of her teeth. One of her teeth is coming in behind a permanent tooth and is damaging the second tooth’s root. So, on October 2nd, she will have surgery to remove the damaged tooth and clean out a cyst that has formed around the other tooth trying to come in. She is not nervous about it, but . . ., well, what can you say, its surgery and its my little girl. Would you please pray that everything will go smoothly. This is fairly routine, and she should be able to go to school the next day. About a week after this, we will take her back to get a retainer which she will wear for at least a year of so. Thank you for your prayers.

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