Support Discovery

 Below is a picture we took while on a daytrip to Austin over the summer.  This is Mark with our kids, and uncle Scot Chadwick with a bunch of cousins.  We are at the 10 commandments monument near the capitol building.

2007 Austin 10 commands Mark kids cousins

We have returned now after four years in Ukraine and the Lord met our needs all the way. And now we have returned in order to visit supporting churches and friends. God called us to Ukraine and he provided. Well, we are planning to return to Ukraine next summer, once again feeling his call on our lives.

Now, as time goes by, we lose some support and prices, like for rent and travel go up. For instance, as our kids grow, our 16 and 13 year olds no longer get the child’s ticket when we travel overseas. And so the total amount we need has also gone up. So, when all is said and done we have about 70% of the monthly support we need to carry us through the next four years.

Now, this post is called support discovery because we believe that God is in control of the process. We believe that he has called us, and so we believe that he will provide what he has called us to. We will be visiting churches and individuals, and presenting our ministry, praising God for what he is doing in Ukraine. And so, we go out with the purpose of “discovering” where that support is. Would you prayfully consider whether God might be leading you to support our ministry?

Please feel free to explore this blog to learn more about us. If you would like to consider supporting us, please go this link to find out how. We are grateful for your prayers.

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