On and Off the Road

2007 Oct Mark guitar KBC Family camp

We have been traveling a bit and are now going to be settling down to some extent.  The Lord has allowed us to visit in eight different churches.  The has given us a great opportunity to not only talk about our ministry in Ukraine, but to glorify God for what he is doing around the world.  In the picture above I was able to help with singing at our home church’s family camp.

2007 Donna at Hallettsville

Donna has also had an opportunity to talk about her ministry in discipleship in Ukraine, both is a public group and in Bible studies with women and one on one.   We are thankful that God allows us to be partners in ministry.  This picture was taken in a church out in Hallettsville, TX.  For five nights I played the role of Jesus in an evangelistic play that saw more than 30 people come to know the Lord.  I honestly don’t know the final count, but we are thankful that the Lord spoke to a number of people on those days.

We have received word from a number of people that they would like to start supporting us, so our prayers are being answered.  As we start to move into the Thanksgiving holidays, we are happy to be able to reflect on how good God has been to us.

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2 Responses to On and Off the Road

  1. Dear Mark,

    Warm greetings from Belgium! It is great to follow your life a little bit via blog. Thank you for teaching me Greek and Hebrew!

  2. mcdonnel says:

    Volodya, I am so glad you are in Belgium, and I pray that your time there will be a real blessing. I am so glad for the things we shared and learned together.

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