On Blogging

Mark’s been encouraging me to add to the blog for a while now, and I finally give in. Actually, there’s more to it than that. Those of you who know me know that I will talk on and on given most any topic, a lot of times out of sheer enthusiasm or strong feeling. So blogging ought to be right up my alley!

2007 Oct Donna carving pumpkin

We carved pumpkins this year. Keep reading to see how I carved mine 🙂

The thing is, the Lord has been working on me for many years to stop saying so much and just LISTEN! (A particularly effective method of his was to move me to a country where I couldn’t say anything intelligent – and that’s still open for debate! – for a couple of years).

A blog is appealing to someone like me because it’s a forum to keep spouting off what I think with, seemingly, no restraints. So as Mark repeatedly invites me to put something on the blog, an idea comes to mind, I even jot down notes, but then I check myself. Is this something I should be saying?

Connected to this thought, in my mind, is a string on my violin that runs a little anti-American. It goes something like this: it seems that somewhere in our building and protecting the freedom to speak, we Americans, I think, have somehow gotten the mistaken idea that we should speak. There seems to be an idea that since speech should be free, that we have a right to speak, which some would argue that we do. And this right to speak sort of slides into the thought that we have a right to be heard.




I am not a good global thinker, nor do I process nearly enough variables before I form an opinion or speak – some might say I am a typical American… – but there are days when I feel like the Lord gives me a glimpse of this, and maybe it’s all in my imagination, that I am a living example of this “right” thinking problem. And as the Lord works on me to be much more respectful, much more careful in how I speak, how I listen, I realize how much more I need to grow in this area.

So as I hesitatingly step out into this blogging thing, I do boldly ask your forgiveness ahead of time for some of the stupid stuff I may write. My stupidity is, most of the time, not intentional! But if in sharing what the Lord teaches me someone learns a little something, perhaps it’s not a complete waste.

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One Response to On Blogging

  1. mary says:

    Wow….I think I could really get into blogging!!! So good to hear from you. As I’m reading I can hear your voice and your laughter. If I’m slow about responding here its probably because I still haven’t figured things out yet!

    Preparing for college is getting to be a reality. Benjamin is home from Peniel and they both need to get geared up. Please pray for me that I’ll be ACTIVE and not just stew about stuff. And that I’ll call on the Lord’s help every day.

    Also you can pray as the trip to Maryland approaches. At one point I could feel myself wanting to panic. (I think it was Ben’s nonchalant comment, “Now, we have four drivers!!!) Yikes! But the Lord has shown me that one of the I fear most deeply is that I won’t know His nearness and help in the midst of an upset. It was so clear to me that if Christ was here in the flesh and said to me, “Come on, we’re going to Maryland, and there may be a few unpleasant incidents along the way, but I’ll be right there with you the whole time,” I’m feeling like I’d say O.K., let’s go. Well the truth is that He is with me all the time, so why don’t I live more in that knowledge?
    i read something today that has helped me in this:

    “We do not know what God has decided in his deep and mysterious hiddenness, and we can ony know what God condescends to reveal to us as he cloaks his unapproachable light in humility and weakness. We cannot climb up to God, but he has descended to us. This is the gospel in a nutshell, and it sustains us in suffering. When we cannot climb the first rung, when the flame of faith is barely a flicker, our Savior descends to carry us through the valley of the shadow of death.”

    I’ll close with that…and I’ll investigate more on this blogging stuff.

    Mary Ellen

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