Special Projects in Ukraine


This picture and the one below we took recently on a trip to some of our supporting churches.

I hope that everyone’s preparations for Christmas are going well. As we continue our preparations for returning to Ukraine, there are some special projects that we are raising money for. Please pray with us about how you might be involved with one or more of these projects.

Handicapped Ministry in Kiev, Ukraine – this project is to raise money to buy clothing, medicine, supplies for evangelism and ministry to the handicapped through our church in Kiev. For right now we are trying to raise $2,000. If you would like to donate toward this ministry, please click on the link provided in the title or here.


Kiev Seminary – this project is to provide funds for training leaders for the church in Ukraine. Money would go toward tuition, room and board, and other study materials needed. Students have already graduated and are actively now evangelizing, planting churches and discipling many in Ukraine.  But there is still a great need for many more. The fields are white unto harvest. Please contribute to answering the prayer to send workers into the harvest field. At this point we are trying to raise $2,000. If you would like to donate toward this ministry, please click on the link provided in the title or here.

Children’s Education – we are also trying to raise funds for our kids’ education in Ukraine. Our two oldest go to a little Christian school in Kiev, and our youngest are home-schooled. For the coming year we would like to raise $4,000 to prepare for tuition and supplies.  If you would like to contribute to this ministry with our kids, you can click on the following link here, or click on the title to this paragraph. When you get to that web page, click on donate and follow the instructions.

We want to keep you informed about our needs and trust the Lord to provide for what he has called us to. Thank you for your continued prayers for us.

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