Renewal Conference 2008

Donna and I have been at a Renewal Conference this week. Our mission puts on this conference for spiritual renewal and ministry training issues. We are required to attend at least once every six years. So we have been in Denver, CO with about 120 other WorldVenture missionaries from many countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America who are also on home assignment. We spent all of the first two days in prayer, from 8:30 to 5:30. What a blessed time of worship, where for the first day we didn’t ask for anything, we just focused on praising God for who he is. An exercise like this pretty quickly alerts me to how much my prayers are filled with asking God for things instead of praising him for his greatness and goodness.

It is now Friday and we are coming to the end of the week. We have learned a lot, been reminded of a lot, and prayed and worshiped a lot, praise the Lord. But now Donna is a little sick with the flu. No stomach stuff, thankfully, just respiratory, but she feels awful. Another bad thing about it though is that we were supposed to fly back to Katy today where we our kids wait for us, and we seriously are missing them. We didn’t have these kids to be away from them, and we try to take them on trips with us whenever we can. So we had to reschedule our flight for Monday. Thank the Lord for Godly, compassionate and loving grandparents who love our kids. They will be staying with the grandfolks for a few more days. Thankfully, the airline changed our flight at no cost, thank you, Lord; thank you, Continental!

So please pray for Donna to get better, and for me to at least not get sick until after Monday. Thank you for your prayers.

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