A Video about Kiev Seminary

Here is a video about the seminary where I serve in Ukraine. I do appear in the video in the second half somewhere. I am talking to some students in my office.

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3 Responses to A Video about Kiev Seminary

  1. deankts says:

    Mark, thank you for sharing this video about Kyiv Seminary. It definitely reveals your plans for the future, Lord willing. BTW, today our Admin Director was praising you in a meeting in Academic Office for valuable and professional insights regarding Commencement event organization. Blessings to you and your family. Thank you for updating us via this blog.
    – Sergei

  2. mcdonnel says:

    Thank you, Sergei, for your encouragement. I really miss working at the school and am anxious to get back. I appreciate your hard work and patience with a bunch of crazy and independent minded Americans who probably ought to listen to you a lot more than we do. Thanks for your friendship.

  3. Ned Chipley says:

    Hello Mark, I watched the video yesterday with a Wycliffe missionary/leader, Karl Franklin, who now teaches graduate courses in SIL. His son Kirk heads up Wycliffe International, an umbrella organization for 48 national Wycliffe organizations. We are both impressed with the information about the seminary.
    It was of special interest to me because President Anatoli and I were classmates at Dallas Theological Seminary. We sat on the same “back bench” many times. I was very impressed with his personal story, and by others from the Ukraine and Moscow who were also our classmates at the same time. One of them was Konstantin Goncharov. Do you happen to know him?
    I am now a semi-retired pastor after more than 50 years of full-time pastoral/denominational ministry. We were privileged to have had the Goncharovs (his wife Angela and three sons) in our church and home while he was a student at DTS.

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