Missions-minded Churches

We have been traveling quite a bit lately, and the Lord has really blessed. I know that many times we hear about how terribly the church in America is doing. But I wanted to share about a few churches that we have attended in the last few weeks that really demonstrated a dedicated love for God and a strong desire to see God’s name glorified and people come to know the Lord. Now I could have written about many churches, and by leaving out some, I am not meaning to narrow the range of how God is working in this country. I am just thankful for these churches recently.

We were in Shreveport, LA for a missions conference at one of our supporting churches. Unfortunately, I came down with a kind of relapse on the flu front (that we had in Denver), and we could not stay the whole time. But for several months, we were corresponding pretty frequently about what we were doing, and what they wanted to accomplish for the cause of Christ. They were excited about how we were a part of their plan for world evangelization. And when I say that, I don’t mean that it was their plan rather than God’s plan. Rather that they were taking the Great Commission seriously and wanted to actively and intentionally obey. We were thrilled to be a part of what they were doing.

They had divided up the missionaries whom the church supports and were going to be in attendance among the Sunday School classes. For the previous month, they had been talking with the kids in detail about who we were, where we served, and what we were doing. And the kids had been praying specifically for us. And then, when we showed up on Sunday for the conference, we were able to speak to the kids, they knew us, and we were able to thank them for their prayers. It was very meaningful.

During a missions conference at the second church in Dallas there were a number of events. I think over four days we were meeting with individual church families several times a day (usually for meals). The church was very excited about the possibility of reaching the world for Christ through the missionaries they support in various parts of the world. The guest speaker, Dr. Walt Baker, placed a big emphasis on the importance of not only sending people all over the world but evangelizing in Dallas by walking across the street and talking to neighbors.

They had a missions fair at which all of the missionaries had a booth. We all set up our displays and photos at the booths. The church members were given passports and encouraged to visit each of the booths to get a stamp from the missionary and talk about their ministries. It was a great idea and helped people enjoy the different displays.

We have been so encouraged by all of the churches we visited, and we are so thankful for them and their prayers and support. And we are ever mindful that we are extensions, not of ourselves, nor of a mission agency, but of the local church. And by God’s grace we have about 89% of our support raised. Please pray that the Lord will allow us to raise the last 10-11%.

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