Currency changes

Just to keep you up to date with current conditions in Ukraine, I wanted to mention the situation with the Ukrainian currency. I was reading the blog of a friend of ours, fellow missionary in Ukraine Josie, and she mentioned seeing the exchange rate from Hryvnia to the dollar go in one day from 4.63 to 4.36.

The rate of the Hryvnia to the Dollar

Needless to say, that got our attention. The basic idea is that the dollar will not buy as much as it would a few days earlier. The chart above shows the slide of the exchange rate, I believe, as it appears on the open international market. The time frame is over the course of the past year. The street rate in Kiev is lower. That explains Josie’s lower rate. Now we know that the Lord will provide for us, but we would appreciate your prayers on this. On the Kiev Ukraine News Blog that appears as a regular link on the side of this page discusses the issue in a blog post for May 22.

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