We’re okay to go!

We have been crazy busy the last few weeks, but all in preparation for our July 2nd departure date. We are looking forward to leaving next Wednesday for Kiev. Please pray for us during these last days that Christ would be honored by all we say and do. We have bee talking to people about bringing our support up closer to 100%. Everything is always in a state of flux, but fortunately God is a rock that we can depend. Thank you for your prayers and support. Your friendship means a lot.

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3 Responses to We’re okay to go!

  1. Sergei says:

    Great news! Kyiv Seminary folks are waiting for you here and I am sure your church community as well. God bless you as you travel!

  2. mcdonnel says:

    Thank you Sergei, you are such an encouraging friend. I am thankful to be able to serve with you.

  3. Lois says:

    So glad… the last couple of weeks I have been thinking… they should be back soon… when are they coming back?? Looking forward to seeing you guys in Kyiv soon!

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