Well learning never stops, but we knew that, right?

As we get back into life here, it’s easy to want to focus on doing what I want to have happen first.  But I realized (again) that I need to just seek the Lord in my agenda and I’ll have a much more peaceful heart.

So although other projects are necessary, because they’re on hold, it dawned on me that I should learn how to get pictures off our camera, put them into some findable place on our computer, and go yet a step further by learning how to put them onto a blog.  So here goes!

We celebrated Abby’s 7th birthday a week or so after we got back, and had fun making it special. And in our fashion, we celebrated all day. The one on the right is at breakfast, where the streusel kuchen was too hot to put candles into (hence the candle plate).  The other one (I’m still learning how to place them!) is of Mark’s parents talking to us via Skype, showing Abby their birthday poster for her on the webcam.  When I figure out how to get the text to wrap around the photos, it’ll be even better, but I thought I’d share this start!

Life in the modern age

Life in the modern age

What joy to turn 7!

What joy to turn 7!

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One Response to Learning

  1. josie O. says:

    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing, Donna. Birthday streusel sounds delicious!

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