Touched by Music

A couple of days ago at church I was so blessed.  Our Kiev church has had, for a few years now, a gifted ensemble of singers.  In fine Ukrainian custom, they periodically travel to other churches and this Sunday before they were to leave on a longer such trip, they sang several songs from their program.

Because they often sing acapella, quite a while back I gave them one of the songbooks our choir in Katy sings from.  They enjoyed having some new music to work with, but being the young people they are, they were more drawn to the fun version of “Count Your Blessings”, complete with tenors and basses being the ‘instrumental’ accompaniment, and this was one of the songs on their current program.

A couple of songs later, they sang one they had entitled “God is Everywhere”.  It was another from that same songbook, much more serious in tone, and so beautifully sung and translated into Russian that I cried.  The words are as follows:

Ride the Morning Winds

A frightening place this world of ours,

–the frantic pace of changing powers

Where no one plays familiar roles,

–but in these days one promise holds…

I can ride the morning winds and you are there.

I can sail the widest seas and you are there.

I can find the darkest night and you are there, O Lord

I can never, I can never, I can never be lost from you.

Maybe I was just being emotional.  But as we travel so seemingly easily between our worlds, I was so moved by the reminder that no matter where I am, my God is there.  I know this in my head, but there’s something wonderful in the considering of it as I look at my life here in all it’s color and as I remember things freshly experienced in my life there.  And to have the double blessing of it being one of my favorite songs that our Texas church sings, I was transported to a place I know not when I got to experience both worlds at the same time.

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2 Responses to Touched by Music

  1. Bonnie Saucy says:

    Got your site from Yakim’s site. Beautiful, beautiful song and entry. We hope you’re doing well. Hi to your family from us.
    love, Saucys

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