Abby’s First Week at School

Although the photo gives another impression, Abby was very positive about her first day of school.

Abigail has been in a class of 36 kids, each wearing a navy blue blazer, pants or a skirt, and a white shirt.  The whole school of 1500 kids from grades 1-11 is in uniform.  You can tell the littlest ones because they have huge white hair bows in their hair.

After the First Bell ceremonies outside in the school’s courtyard, Abby’s class went inside to have a short lesson and to just get to know each other.  Then there was time for more picture-taking and the end of day one.

She happily got ready for day two and was in class for three 45-minute lessons.  The schedule is such that there is a 10  minute break between the first two lessons, a 20 minute break between the next two, and so on throughout the day.  The first graders are also fed ‘breakfast’ after lesson two, which is fairly substantial and consists of lunch-type foods – noodles and meat, sausage and bread, fish and rice, or today’s special, buckwheat and chicken.

Then they head back to class and start up again.  Abigail seems very hapy and excited to be going to school, and is eager about what she is learning.  Today as we were walking home she piped up, “I answered a question in class today – we were doing math and I knew the answer.  I raised my hand – when you’re listening, you sit like this [arms folded on desk in front of you] – then when you raise your hand, you do this [lift one arm but keeping elbow on the table].

And music to my ears when she was going to her room to take off her school clothes, she was dancing and singing, ‘I love schoo-ool, I love schoo-ool, I love schoo-ool’ – what a blessing!

She’ll start English tomorrow; the school is a specialized school that does English from grade one and German or French from grade five (while continuing English!).  Next week she’ll go for five lessons a day, a regular schedule, and she is very excited.

We are thankful for the Lord’s provision for Abigail and look forward to reporting how school is going in the future.

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One Response to Abby’s First Week at School

  1. Bonnie Saucy says:

    So glad to hear Abby’s little song. That is music to a mom’s ear. We’re cheering Abby and Mary on and will pray for them as they and you enter once again this deep cultural experience in the schools – so valuable!

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