Financial Matters

Well, it seems like the whole world is going to pieces. Markets are falling and probably there will be difficulties for some time to come. I am thankful that we trust in God who is above all of this and guides our future. Right now the currency in Ukraine is falling. Our dollars are worth now over 5 greven. This was a matter of prayer for us. When we returned earlier this summer, the greven was around 4.5 to the dollar. That together with inflation made things really hard.

Well, we need your prayers. Our landlord just came and raised our rent $300 higher. This is quite a jump. We budgeted when we were on home assignment knowing that he would raise it to some extent, but a $300 jump all at once was a bit of a surprise. But we know that we are in God’s hands. Please pray that the Lord will provide.

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3 Responses to Financial Matters

  1. Sergei says:

    Mark and Donna, your family is in my prayers. His grace is abundant.

  2. steve boles says:

    times are tough, i know … will keep u guys in prayer

  3. Bonnie Saucy says:

    yikes – I’m praying for you too. Keep looking Heavenward….

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