Subtle Difference

Yesterday afternoon I was washing some dishes and noticed the water was coming out kind of warm instead of hot.  I didn’t really think about it too much until something clicked and that comment from Sunday, ‘and this’ll happen all winter’ came to mind.  I thought to myself, ‘Oh, the hot water’s going off again.’

I mentioned this to Mary’s tutor who was there for a lesson.  She said, yes, but it’s maddening when the water still comes out of the tap, lukewarmish, because it’s a different animal than having no water at all come out.

She enlightened me.  When there’s water coming out, albeit not hot or warm, then the city counts that as ‘having hot water’, versus when there’s no water coming out and the city says, ‘the hot water has been shut off.’

Ira’s frustration was in the fact that in the former case, we’re still paying for hot water, whereas in the latter, we’re not.  Subtle difference – not hot, not warm, but still there = still billable; not there = not billable.

The city’s financial woes – and my education – continue on.

Oh, and it’s 27F outside this morning, and, thankfully, still 70 inside.

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