We Have Heat

It’s early Wednesday evening here and we just wanted to let you know that we still have heat, despite the cutoffs of natural gas in other parts of Europe.

We have had below freezing temperatures – and in the last couple of days, near zero temperatures – since Christmas day, so without additional heat, it would be around 65F in the apartment in the morning.  Mark’s parents encouraged us to go out and pick up some space heaters yesterday, and we are now as warm as we want to to be.

Other parts of Europe are not faring as well, Bulgaria and Slovakia in particular.  I am including a link here to a list of countries affected.

Do be praying for those who cannot add any heat to what is supplied by the centralized water-radiator heating provided here.  Do pray, also, for this conflict to be resolved quickly and adequately.  It feels a little bit like Ukraine is playing chicken with a huge 18-wheeler (aka Russia), and the long-term ramifications of any settlement will definitely include that we tried to defy the bear.

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One Response to We Have Heat

  1. josie O. says:

    Thanks for posting this. I have been curious/concerned for all of you.

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