New Semester, New Students

We started a new semester last week. This semester I am teaching first semester Hebrew and Exegesis of the New Testament. It was really great in Hebrew. Students really enjoy learning the names of God in Hebrew. It is always a blessing to me to help them read the name Elohim in Hebrew for the first time.

And today, just after classes, I was a part of one of a few teams of teachers who were interviewing prospective students. Thank the Lord, We had about 40 students apply this fall. Some of them had amazing stories to tell of how the Lord brought them to this place. One student spent 7 years in China and wants to return as a missionary. Another wants to get involved in television to be a positive Christian influence. We are hopeful that these students will join us and that the Lord will continue to answer our prayer to send out laborers into his harvest field

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2 Responses to New Semester, New Students

  1. Hassan Simon says:

    I am really happy to hear from you.
    As you see my name marked I have been I am Muslim background,but nowadays I am faithful a Christian and
    God’s willing my heart is well prepared to go on the field to bring others(Muslims) to Christ our Savior.
    Pastor Hassan

  2. mcdonnel says:

    Praise the Lord, I hope the Lord blesses your ministry and your family.

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