Donna and Anna in the States

Two weeks ago Donna and Anna left for the States. Anna is returning to the US to go to school and work. So this was an emotional time, but a good time. Donna went with her to help with the transition. Donna also went back to check on some medical issues. Donna has been having some dizziness and other symptoms. She has been to doctors here in Kyiv. She had an MRI done and they found a few spots on her brain that indicated that something might be up. Overall in health she is fine and able to function normally, but we needed to get it checked out. She is due to return tomorrow.

I have been here in Kyiv, with Benjamin, Mary and Abigail. We have done well, nobody starved, but we are looking forward to having mom back. Classes at the seminary have been going well, and the weather has been as cold and snowy as ever. It is snowing now as I write. Ad we are thankful that the ministry with those with disabilities is also going well.

We are looking forward to doing a summer home assignment. So we will be in the States for the summer in order to check in with church and supporters. Before we took a full year after being here for four years. But we are going to try the pattern that many missionaries are going to, that of being two years on the field and a short summer in every other year. This enables us to keep both our ministries and our kids schedules on the normal school year schedule. Please keep praying for us.

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