Back in the Saddle

Well, it has been about a hundred years since I put up a post. We are still writing hard-copy prayer letters and Donna is still sending out the once a month prayer calendars. But I still want to keep this up.

We spent the summer in the States visiting most of our churches and a number of our supporters. We are so thankful for all of you who have been praying. We really need and thrive on your prayers.

God is good! We are back in a full schedule here in Ukraine. The kids are back in school. Abigail is back in Ukrainian school and has been doing very well. Benjamin is now a junior in high school and Mary is in 8th grade. Anna is now a freshman ay LeTourneau University in Longview. It is amazing how time flies. But she seems to be doing well and we are thankful for Skype to be able to talk to her fairly regularly on the computer.

Donna is getting a little more involved at KCA where Benj and Mary go. She is also taking some Ukrainian language classes once a week to get her Ukrainian to a better level. She is wanting to help Abigail (whose school is all in Ukrainian, rather than Russian) and she wants to be able to talk more freely with people at Abby’s school, especially about the Lord.

Please pray also for me at the seminary. I will be teaching (at this point) six classes. This is fairly insane and hopefully I won’t do it again. But it will be a stretching experience. Please pray that the students will be blessed and better prepared for ministry. I am thankful for the courses I will be teaching, but it will be tiring, especially in the month of October. If I can survive October, it will be better after that. I have already finished one course and hope to start two more today.

Thanks for your prayers.

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