Marina, Masha, and Dima

Andrew’s helper mentioned a situation that was very serious, but I couldn’t pursue more details in that moment.  Upon getting in the car and telling Mark about it, he said, ‘Uh, there’s more.’

The long and short of it is that 6-year-old Marina, 3-year-old Masha, and 10-month-old Dima no longer have a mom.  She was killed last week, by the man who was the father of little Dima.  As the situation stood at that point, it was a matter of prayer for the kids’ safety and future.

Dima’s father was found this week, having also met a violent death.  The kids are currently in the hospital, but should be released this week.  Andrew and his wife Jenny (see their ministry blog at are working with social services to find a foster situation where all three children could be placed in one family.

Andrew said that until any other care is arranged, standard practice is that Dima (a little boy) would go into an orphanage for infants, Masha would go into an orphanage for pre-schoolers, and Marina would be placed in an orphanage for school-aged children (she’s due to start school in the fall).

Pray for the Lord’s provision for these three little ones.  Pray for a miracle to happen, that the kids could be placed together.  There are so many complexities, so many things to be known and understood.  Andrew and Jenny are seeking to have the kids come home to them as they are well-known in the little town, and known to the authorities as involved in orphan/children’s ministry for some time.

We are not personally connected to Andrew and Jenny’s ministry, excepting that Abigail just spent a week at their camp, and Mary is there now.  (Anna and Benjamin have also had some small connections in times past.)  But we just wanted to put this out there, knowing that our God is big, and wise, and good, and to ask you to pour out your prayers on behalf of these needy ones.  Thanks.

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