where the kids are

We’re traveling right now but I did want to post an update on Marina, Masha, and Dima.

Andrew said that little Dima (Dima is a short form or nickname of the fuller name Dimitri) has been placed with his father’s sister on a permanent basis as she is a blood relative.

Marina and Masha’s biological father lives in the little town where the kids have been living, but has not been managing his own life very well.  The girls were allowed to come home with Andrew and Jenny and will live with them for the remainder of the summer.

The hope is that with the input of all of the concerned parties, the girls’ father can get some help getting his life straightened out to the extent that he could then take custody of the children.  Andrew indicated that this is a tenuous possibility, but since he is their father, he is the first to be considered.

Do pray for the Lord to shower his wisdom and grace on all of those involved, for this young man to truly engage in all that he should in order to take on this responsibility, and for the girls as they wait for their future to be decided.  Pray also for Andrew and Jenny as they care for the girls in the meantime.

Thank you for praying!

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