craft lady

We’re back home and getting ourselves back into a routine (as much as you have routine in summer :-)), and are getting ready for camp to start next week.

I (Donna) met with Sveta before we left to talk about crafts.  We were looking through ideas and trying to come up with some actual samples to show when we set out to make the item in question.

We didn’t make a lot of headway at that meeting, but planned to get together again this last weekend.  As we were actually making up several of the crafts, I commented to Sveta that I didn’t feel as comfortable on the explaining end of this venture, mainly because I feel like a total idiot when it comes to this kind of specific vocabulary.  I’m totally ok with buying all of the materials, making sure they all get to camp, and even getting it all set up for each day, and I said as much to her.

That’s when the bombshell dropped:  ‘I’m not going be there until Friday, you’ll do fine.’ Yikes!  Did I not understand something along the way?  How did I miss this little nugget of information?

I have long known that although I’m fairly bold when it comes to trying to say things in Russian that are pretty complex, sometimes they don’t come across they way I intend, and, more than infrequently, it’s a bit of a jumbled mess (if I’m honest).  But in a conversational setting, this is not a total disaster as I can usually, finally, get it straightened out.

How is it that I’m shaking in my boots in anticipation of explaining some simple crafts to two groups of physically and otherwise challenged campers every day for two weeks, but have no problem at all tackling topics like unforgiveness, respect and disrespect, or some other such topic?!

Do pray for me, for us as we finish getting things ready this week.  This particular language exercise won’t be like a lecture or lesson that I can just look up vocabulary for and have notes to refer to tucked into my Bible.   I’d love to get some pictures up, but for now, I just cannot find the time to fit that in as well.  Thanks for your patience on that.

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One Response to craft lady

  1. Julie B says:

    Will certainly pray for you! I completely understand! I’ve been asked to be one of the teachers at our camp starting tomorrow. A week of leading devotions, small group time after the sessions, just talking with the girls, etc. Please pray for me! This will be a week of praying hard for each other!! You’ll do great, I know. Love you!

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