stories from camp 1 – ‘I thought I’d come and learn’

As we gathered for dinner at camp the first night, I asked one of the other leaders who a particular young man was; I just didn’t recognize him, yet he seemed to be part of the leadership team.  It turns out Anton is from a small town by the name of Korosten in northwestern Ukraine and is also a student at Kiev Theological Seminary.

When I asked him how he came to be participating in the camp, he explained:  ‘I am a student at KTS and as you know, we usually come in to Kiev for two weeks at a time, several times a year.  I was looking for a local church to attend while I was in session and I happened to visit Transformation Church during the time of the handicapped service.  I just decided that I’d attend there when I was in town.  In the course of time, I talked with my church about having a similar ministry at our church.  I’m here these two weeks because I want to see how you do this – I thought I’d come and learn – so we can be more prepared for the one we’re holding in August.’ How exciting!

And for us, personally, it was exciting because we had the privilege of seeing two of our worlds meeting and serving each other:  although Anton is not in Mark’s program at the seminary, it feels kind of like Mark’s ministry at church touched his ministry at the seminary.

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