stories from camp 2 – let the games begin

Tanya with Dasha

Camp is fun, especially when you’ve got crazy games going on every day, games that are totally over the top fun!  Two young gals who have started attending the handicapped service this past year took charge of the games and wow, are these two creative!  Sasha and Tanya really made camp ‘the camp experience’ and spread a lot of joy these past two weeks.

One day was Day of Water, so as you can imagine, the afternoon was a time of laughing and soaking fun.  I don’t know that I saw a single dry person walk by (I was chatting with a mom) as the afternoon went on.  Another day, in keeping with the topic for the lesson that day and the theme of the day, Temptation, everyone had to go through that classic Ukrainian experience of going to the clinic, making the rounds of the various doctors.

Sasha with Nadia and Tanya

It took me a minute to realize that these were made up ‘specialties’ (that lost in translation thing!):  in the office of the the doctor of disobedience (sounds funnier in Russian, непослушолог), each person was given a task to do and observed to see how well they did it, with what kind of attitude, and so on.  The doctor of envy (завитолог) encouraged you to consider your possessions and whether or not you were satisfied with them.  There was also a doctor of gluttony, a doctor of pride, the doctors of fortune and future sciences, and a doctor of dishonesty.

My personal favorite was the doctor of being offended (обидолог).  He would greet each patient with a smile and then ask, ‘So, would you say you have a good memory?  Tell me, do you remember more of the good things that happen to you or the bad?’  Although it was a game, in my role as photojournalist (fun, too!), I observed some fairly serious conversations in this particular doctor’s office.

Sveta with Igor

Each ‘patient’ would take his or her writeup from each of the doctors and then head to the pharmacy.  There, they’d receive a prescription (a few small gifts or toys) and directions for dosage – ‘Be sure to use on your hands three times a day (soap or cream), and get these out when you’re thinking about playing for a while.’

There were lots of other fun games (including a ‘rescue the survivors of a plane crash in the forest’) but I’ll just include some of the pictures here.  You’ll get the idea!

Abby being stuffed with balloons

Mark and Dasha looking for survivors, 'debris'

Anton leading Lena and Lena to help

don't know how he did that, but he wasn't really hanging!

hurrying to the triage site

Mark, Zhenya, and Ilya working out some dance steps

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