Every day I feel the fact that I have let the last blog post get yet another day older – yikes! I started working on a post over a week ago – finally – but wasn’t able to finish it.  Then, then I realized:  I’m making it too complicated!  I’m trying to write too much, all at one time, and when I can’t, then nothing happens.  Whew!  Am I glad to have figured that out!

So here goes:  I’m going to try to write a little bit for each post, and hopefully, once a week. We really do want this to be a place where you can keep up, at least in some small way, with what the Lord is doing in our lives here in Kiev.  Oh, and there may or may not be fabulous pictures (or any?!) each time…

I thought I’d take a minute and tell you about the wonderful church we have a privilege to be a part of here in Ukraine.

When we arrived in Kiev over 13 years ago, we knew our primary ministry here would be at Kiev Theological Seminary.  As we looked for a place to live, we also looked for a local church to be a part of.  You may know that two languages are spoken here in Ukraine, Russian and Ukrainian.  As our mission asked us to focus learning Russian first, we began to look for a church in our area where the primary language spoken was Russian.

Do understand that there were not a lot of churches on our side of the city at that time, and compared to what we see back in our home state of Texas, there are still far, far fewer churches here relative to the population of the city of Kiev.  Kiev is now almost 3 million, but then was closer to 2-ish, and there were 2 or 3 non-Orthodox churches on our side of the city.

We settled on a church that is relatively close to where we were living, and where, at least for the first couple of years, what we were learning in language school would be reinforced.

As we did not have a car then, we were also thinking in terms of building a church into our lives that would be a fit for us and our three young and very small children.  Being pedestrians, using public transportation for everything, and just walking a LOT was a huge adjustment!

So that is the short version of how we came to be part of Преображение or Transformation Church here in Kiev.

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