So much for updating here every 10 days or so!

We are looking at the beginning of May on Tuesday, and with May, a couple of big endings.

Benjamin will graduate from high school and will, for all intents and purposes, finish this Ukrainian chapter of his life.  When we arrived here on June 2, 1998, he was three weeks shy of his fourth birthday.  Our family’s being in Ukraine has been a huge defining factor in his life.  As we see that draw to a close, we look forward to seeing what the Lord has for him as he steps out and begins to define his life more on his own.

Abigail will finish four years of Ukrainian school the day after Benjamin graduates.  This is a big ending as well, for her, and for all that being in Ukrainian school has meant.  Abby hadn’t studied any formal Russian and really didn’t know any Ukrainian when she started four years ago.  She has now come to a place where she can function and even thrive academically, and can communicate to a good degree.  She has made friends and has been an active part of her class of 37.

As for what her going to this school has meant a little beyond Abigail’s personal experience, it has been an ‘in’ to Ukrainian culture and relationships in a very profound way.  Even though Anna went to this school so long ago, we didn’t yet know the language and were every day just trying to adjust and learn how to be here.  This time, we have been able to interact much more meaningfully and it has been very rich.  It will be hard to daily see that building right next door, and to know that that chapter is over.

But as we watch Benjamin finish, and as Abby transitions to a new world of school, we know that the Lord has plans for them and for us that will be good and glorious beyond our wildest imaginings.  Sometimes change is a warm and welcome thing, but almost always, it’s still a moving away from a known and a moving toward an unknown.  How great is our God that he is always present, always presiding over, always working his purposes in every  step along the way, for his glory, and for our good.


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