mrs. bennet

We’re looking forward to something this week – Mary’s playing the role of Mrs. Bennet in an adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice!

It has been fun to hear comments from the various people we meet connected to KCA, especially the ones about how ‘quiet Mary’ is playing a role ‘so different’ from her personality… After hearing this a number of times, I began to wonder what Mary is like at school; she’s always been pretty lively at home, and her trying out for and getting the part of Mrs. Bennet did not surprise us in the least.

On another front, Abigail is taking her ДПА tests  – state standardized testing – this week. Students completing elementary, middle, and senior high school take these all across Ukraine and it’s a big deal.

And next Thursday, Benjamin will graduate from Kiev Christian Academy.  Heady stuff.

We’re pretty excited, and to add to that, we get to see Anna – soon!  We’ll head out for a summer furlough on the 31st and in spite of that being only a few days away, there’ll be a whole lot of living going on in that short little space.  Lord willing, we’ll be able to put up some pictures here as these days unfold.

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