hard to get it done fast

I am so happy that some of you read this, and look to it for news and pictures of our life here in Ukraine.  Please, forgive me if we can’t get pictures or posts up soon after a given event.  

I take tons of pictures, and even a lot of video, but because it still takes me a lot of time to get the pictures off the camera, sort through and find some decent ones, and then get them into the blog, it’s hard to get them posted here with any speed at all.  And in this day of have-the-play-one-day-and-post-the-pics-a-couple-of-hours-later, I find myself wondering how on earth people do that!  I count it a good day, electronically speaking, if I can check the mail with any regularity.

So I thank you for your patience, and for your willingness to check back here from time to time to see if anything has changed.  We really do want this to be a space that you can come to and get a glimpse of what the Lord is doing in our lives and ministry here.  But at the moment, there’s a whole lot of living going on, and just being in the place for that moment at the right time and somewhat dressed for it – well, for me, it means that something is going to get left out!

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