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We had the privilege of driving up to Dallas the other day, for the purpose of visiting one of Mark’s former students. He’s studying at Dallas Theological Seminary, furthering his education so that he can return to Ukraine in two years to teach.

cooking out – checking to see if the meat is done

Sasha (the short form of Alexander) graduated from Kiev seminary last year as a student in the Biblical Studies program. He married a sweet gal a month later, who just happens to be the daughter of the seminary president!

The fun thing for us – and maybe it’s just me seeing connections where there aren’t any – is that we met the man who is now the seminary president back when we were at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Anatoly had been sent by the Ukrainian church to get a theological education, in order to return to Ukraine to start a seminary. When Mark and he were there as students together, he told us about their goal to do that, and extended an invitation to join them in the work. We had been thinking and praying about where the Lord would have us serve after seminary, and although the full story is for another time, we ended up in Ukraine because of Anatoly (and the Lord, of course!).

So to be back in Dallas, with a graduated-from-KTS student and his wife, having lunch with them in their apartment on campus at Dallas Theological Seminary – well, it just seemed like a big, wonderful circle!

(This is Mark with Dr. Tim Ralston, who has been to Ukraine to teach.  He’s full of energy and it was fun to run into him during our visit.)

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  1. Donna,
    I think you see ‘connections’ where others don’t — a testimony to your faith, patience and the power of prayer.

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