rediscovering leonard ravenhill

It’s great to be back at the seminary and see so many good friends again. I also was able to visit the library. The Lord has been leading me to learn more and apply more with regard to holiness. And in my looking for a few books on the topic in the library yesterday I rediscovered a crazy, wild-eyed, preacher evangelist person that I had not heard from in a long time. Leonard Ravenhill wrote a number of books about revival that came from his overwhelming burden for holiness and prayer. In his later years he hung out quite a bit with Keith Green in Lindale. Two examples of his books are Revival Praying and Why Revival Tarries. The only problem is that in his zeal for the glory of the Lord, he can sometimes be downright impolite. In fact, when you read his books, be prepared to get your eyebrows singed. The thing is, that “slap me in the face to get me to pay attention” is exactly what I need. Pray that I will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading in these studies about holiness. I have along way to go.

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One Response to rediscovering leonard ravenhill

  1. uncachelle says:

    …anderson ‘s can be hard headed !!!
    the ‘slap me in the face to get me to pay attention’ is effective 😉

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