it’s three degrees out

It’s 3 degrees out. That’s in Fahrenheit. In Celsius it’s -16 degrees. But sometimes, like, when dealing with foreign currency, that number just doesn’t really register.

Winter came a little earlier this year than is typical, and so did the snow. Yes, winter means snow and cold here and we are used to that, but this year, it’s one of those years when it came in with a blast, and a month sooner than is typical. The thing is, I’ve kind of tried to not make a big deal out of this in my own mind. One, because I don’t like to have a complaining attitude and two, because we kind of chose this.

But you get reminded of the extremeness of it when you see it through the eyes of a guest, who is not used to this kind of cold. The conversations are running, ‘Oh wow, it’s cold out there! Today is the coldest it’s been so far. And with the wind chill its even . . .’

What struck me this winter as has sometimes come to mind before, is that people here just live normally when there is weather like this. They don’t stay home deciding not to drive in these conditions, putting life on hold until its more manageable. If that were the case, they wouldn’t get out until March. But life isn’t like that. They just live and keep on living.

And to consider life in these situations in times past, when there weren’t radiators and electric heaters, and subways, and modern fabrics… and people just lived. The ancestors of these people have been doing this, living, and now this generation continues. Wow.

I guess it’s another one of those times when perspective is the key. For whatever it’s worth, I am thankful that I get to experience a different way of living, and here’s a little post about it.

For some pictures, if you’re interested, check out the album I posted in Facebook for Benjamin (he said, when we were talking about it, ‘Send pictures’). These were taken about a week after the snow first fell, but which had continued to fall almost every day or night that week. [I laughed when he said to send pictures; this isn’t new to him, and I’m sure the photo album in his memory is full of these kinds of pictures, but that’s the topic of another post 🙂 ]

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2 Responses to it’s three degrees out

  1. Bob Bosley says:

    Hi Mark & Donna. It is not so cold here- actually it has been a warm winter so far. We are now in Waco and it has been very dry here. I enjoy your posts. Have a wonderful Christmas and new year.

    • mcdonnel says:

      Bob, I’m glad to hear that you’re settling in there in Waco. I hope you had a wonderful time over the holidays with your family there. We will miss seeing you in Katy, but wouldn’t be opposed to driving up for a coffee date sometime when we’re in town :-). Do let us know if there’s anything we can be praying about for you all! Donna

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