playing catch-up, 6

May was big in our family, for many reasons.  Mary was cast as Anne in the school play, The Diary of Anne Frank.  It was an amazing experience and the kids did a great job.

anne frank play photo


Anna traveled to Kenya for the month to take part in a research/ministry team from LeTourneau.  She said it was an amazing experience.

anna in kenya

Abby, Mark, and Benjamin finished a very full semester, with Benjamin landing an incredible job as a summer intern at Baylor College of Medicine.  I traveled to Germany for some additional medical testing, which gave my neurologist here some information she could not attain otherwise.

Kiev Christian Academy celebrated 20 years of ministry, we saw a Ukrainian step up to take responsibility for chairing the seminary’s women’s conference planning committee, and a few hundred other things happened in there that would be tedious to recount.  We were blessed, but also overwhelmed.

In June, we were looking forward to a little bit of down time, as well as to meeting and beginning ministry with our summer intern, Arthur Koutsenko.  What we hadn’t planned on was spending the summer literally beginning June 1st tracking down why Mark’s blood pressure was spiking.

This had happened once the year before, and once the year before that, so it was rather unsettling to have it return.  The Lord blessed in that we were able to get very good medical care and testing, and Mark was able to make some big changes to bring his blood pressure down and keep it down.

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