It’s transition time

If transition were a place, I’m sure we’d have near permanent residency there!  Please don’t hear that as complaining.  It’s just a stopping-and-taking-a-breath moment and acknowledging that transition is a bit of a whirlwind where the familiar, tied-down things of non-transition life take on a nostalgia-like quality.

Our summer furlough has, for all intents and purposes, basically come to an end and we are nearing the end of a long stretch of transition.  Even though one of us (me, Donna) is not yet back in Kyiv, the normal life we live in Kyiv has started back up, and people in the life we dropped in on in the U.S. are continuing on their merry way.

One dictionary defines transition as, “Movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another; change.”  A summer furlough is an extended time of transition for us in that it is a change from one position to another, but then back again.  We spend some time (not as much any more; we just don’t have time!) getting prepared to leave, whether it’s cleaning and clearing out the apartment so someone else can house sit while we’re gone, or wrapping up the things we’re involved in in Kyiv for a short break, or just packing and putting a few things in place for the return.

We spend time getting our heads and our bodies into the new place, both time-wise and in relationships and the various issues that are part of the new place.  Somehow, though, we don’t stop interacting with or thinking about the other place, it just takes a little more of a back seat.

I don’t know if it could be considered transition to visit a different church and a different set of wonderfully interesting people each Sunday, but it is definitely a lot of movement from one place to another!  It is both fascinating and a bit overwhelming to interact with so many different kinds of people in so many different places.  I see it as a window into what God is doing in a lot of different places, which I love, but we sometimes feel like our heads are spinning considering so many individual lives and stories.

And almost about the time we feel kind of like we’ve sort of hit our stride in some of those things, it’s time to start splitting our attention in order to effectively prepare to leave the one place to go back to the other (while staying thoroughly engaged in the present!)… transitioning.

I’m actually enjoying delaying some of the transition/planning/prep thinking for a little while longer, trying to relish the fact that I can, but I suppose with my own leaving just a few days away, I should probably kick into gear and just get things done.  Plus my family might appreciate that I’m helping more in the transition process (those that have moved from one place to another).

I’m not quite sure why I started to write on this subject, mostly just wanting to stay more current with this blog, but also to share a little of what we’re thinking about, what we’re doing right now.  That, and several of us are feeling more than a little nostalgia for our ‘regular’ life, much as we have loved this whole summer furlough.

If you think to pray for us, we’d sure appreciate it.  Just because three of us will have returned to Kyiv won’t mean that the transition has ended.  Yes, we’ll need to re-find the rhythm of life there.  And we’ll need to learn the new thing of Abby being in high school. We’re still feeling that it’s a not-yet-finished transition of having our older children live somewhere other than with us.  And although I’ve put off thinking about it more directly as I’m sure it will undo me when I finally do, but Mary is still transitioning to this new life outside of Ukraine, and we are still transitioning to life without her nearby.

Yeah, we probably ought to apply for a visa to this place called transition; we sure do visit it a lot.

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One Response to It’s transition time

  1. Mark McDonnel says:

    I hear ya. Come on “home.”

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