kind mercy

 Mark picked these up this morning – it’s official.  We are very thankful!  We have renewed temporary residence permits even though there should not have been time to process them before they expired. 

Ordinarily the process takes a month to complete and we didn’t have that.  Not meeting the deadline should have meant that we would go through the process to un-register, then get some documents to start the process all over again, take those documents to a Ukrainian embassy outside of Ukraine to apply for a visa (needed to enter the country legally if you plan to live here), then return to Ukraine and start the process of applying for a temporary residence permit.  This would have taken time, definitely some expense, and some more time.  That is why we feel like this is Lord showing us his kind mercy in circumventing that process, even when we should have had to do it.  We were prepared to.

We know we are not deserving of his mercy in any way, shape, or form.  He chose to grant it, and we are humbled.  For those of you who prayed, thank you for your kind prayers on our behalf.  Our gracious Lord chose to answer by giving us peace in the waiting, and then with a resounding ‘Yes!’  He is certainly worthy of our praise and all glory just because of who he is, but we magnify his name today for his goodness to us in this – Hallelujah!

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One Response to kind mercy

  1. Bill Bell says:

    God is good … all the time!

    Bill Bell 214.794.2455 mobile 214.342.2355 office

    “What’s right isn’t always popular. What’s popular isn’t always right.” – Howard Cosell


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