some good classes – hearing from Mark

I just finished a series of classes and they were really enjoyable.  I always hope they were enjoyable for the students, but in any case, I have received some good feedback.  In the different classes I teach some are large, some are small.  One recent class – in Lviv, a city about 6 hours drive west of Kyiv – was pretty large, about 35 students.  Just a week or so ago I taught another class here in Kyiv which was smaller, around 5 students.  I also was invited to guest speak for a few hours in another class which had about 15 students.

At the moment, I am looking forward to another class in December, with several speaking opportunities between now and then.  In the meantime, I’m grading (when you do modular classes, most of the grading happens after the module is over) which I’m not as enthusiastic about (!).  I would really appreciate your prayers as I prepare for the things coming up.  It’s enjoyable, for sure, but it also means using my time well as I go back and forth between several projects, as well as just doing all of the ordinary things that go with the work at the seminary.  But the more I teach, the more joyfully excited I am that the Scriptures give us a profound vision for the meaning of history, for how we can live our lives, and for what the future holds.  I am really thankful for all those who are praying for us and supporting us financially, allowing us to have this ministry here in Ukraine. 

Mark teaching at KTS chapel recently


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