feeling stretched

It is amazing how the feeling of being stretched in too many different directions can sometimes make simple tasks seem too hard.  I hope Donna doesn’t mind me talking about this, but it just was too good of an example of this to pass up.  Donna has been working on a variety of different things in several different spheres lately.  Being a missionary requires you to work in different languages in what feel like different planets. Well, Donna was fixing supper one evening and I came in to talk and help with some things.  She said she was feeling tired and just wanted to sit down.  I looked around and there was a stool near her.   

But this stool had two things on it:  a book and a small basket. I went over to the stool, removed the two items, and said, “Here, why don’t you sit down?” She immediately sat down and said, “Oh that feels good.”

I think probably everyone everywhere has moments when they feel stretched too thin.  In those times even simple things can look really hard.  I am thankful that God brings people into our lives to help us, and I realized that I want be on the look out to help in those situations.

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