Velika Dimerka

I had the opportunity to drive out to Velika Dimerka (we usually just say Dimerka) to visit with a friend in ministry there recently, and it was so nice.  dimerka-sign-e1446898312255 I’ll admit that I do love the freedom of being able to say, ‘Hey, why don’t I come out on Monday and we can have tea?’, and then being able to hop in the car and do that.  So many people are dependent on public transportation here, and that can make this particular trip take the better part of two hours instead of the 40 minutes it took me.


My friend has been married for three or four years now, but it’s sometimes still a challenge living in her mother-in-law’s home.  We talk some on the phone and both Mark and I have gone out for visits, but it was nice to just make an opportunity to visit for some talk about ‘married-women stuff’.

I’ll admit that my to-some-of-my-Ukrainian-friends-free-spirited approach to jumping in the car and just driving out there still takes some people aback, so I do look for some ‘reason’ to make such trips, whether to help with a project or to deliver some things from mutual friends here in Kyiv or whatever.

We had been looking for a day when I could come out and when I found that she was going to have a large group of people over the next day, I offered to come out and help her get some of the cooking done, just chatting in between.  She’s so wonderful and without blinking said, ‘Of course!’  (It’s so nice to not have that ‘Are you sure?  It’s so far!’ thing hanging in the air.)  She knows her Bible backwards and forwards and would be the kind of person I would go to if I wanted counsel myself, so it is lovely to be able to share deeper talk even though she’s about 20 years younger than I am.

I had explained before I went out that I had some projects in the works at home and so would need to leave at a particular time, which she completely understood.  So we got some cooking done when I said I needed to head home a couple of hours later, she was cool with that.  Her mother-in-law, however, didn’t quite get this strange woman who was leaving just as it was time for lunch!  My friend knew I hadn’t come for lunch (it was already 2:00 anyway!) and as I drove away, I couldn’t help feeling that it was one of those special days.  Nothing big or fantastic happened, just the sweet company of a friend – yep, kind of nice.

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