warm fellowship

We are part of a team of people serving in our church’s ministry for those with disabilities. It is a great group of people and we feel privileged to serve alongside them.  Because we are such a diverse group, it is sometimes hard to find a time for us to get together as a group for things other than the afternoon service on Sundays.  Between work schedules, families, etc., we are doing well to effectively do the things we are doing!

But we would love to also spend time with each other, learning from each other, fellowshiping, and being ‘iron sharpening iron’.  The constant question being, ‘Yeah, and when could we do that?!’ Occasionally we’re able to pull off a picnic or a gathering during the holiday season, but not a time of more frequent, informal interaction.

So it was with delight we heard team member Artur’s invitation to come to his house for an informal gathering several weeks ago.  He had understood Sasha’s (leader of the team) desire to do things that would build the team, deepen relationships, also understanding the challenges of doing this with such a diverse group with such varying schedules.

We had a relatively small group, it wasn’t even just members of the team but also some folks who attend the service, and it was really pleasant to see them in a more ordinary, daily kind of setting.

So when Artur asked if we were, in general, busy on Wednesday nights, I had an idea of where he was heading.  He proposed that we could have a small group meeting on Wednesdays, alternating between meeting at his house and ours (and effectively lightening the load of the host – helpful!).  Anyone from the larger team and ministry would be invited.

We recently had the group over to our house and I was marveling at how easily this had come together. After all this time of wishing we could get together more often, here we were enjoying each other’s fellowship, some saying even, ‘I have really needed a place where I can share my heart and I’m glad we can be that place for each other.’  What a thing to look forward to!

the group at our house

discussing a question further


Tanya getting Kolya into Zhenya’s car to go home


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