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a different kind of work

Argh. The last post is dated April 13th. I apologize. So, since that last post, we flew through the last weeks of the semester at the seminary and for Abigail at Kyiv Christian Academy, attended three graduations (two of them … Continue reading

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keeping the zeros straight

Mark told me it was zero Fahrenheit this morning and, as usual, I had a moment’s confusion.  I’m so used to hearing that it’s zero Centigrade, which I mentally translate to 32F, and think, ‘Oh, that’s not that cold.’  Here, … Continue reading

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quite a contrast

A lot of people consider November 21st as the official starting point of all that has happened over the last two years, since that was the date that then-president Victor Yanukovich refused to sign the Association Agreement with the European … Continue reading

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city life

We live next to a park.  A really nice park.  Because it’s such a nice park – lots of benches, lots of trees, a nice playground, plenty of long sidewalks – it is quite the magnet.  So we’re pretty used … Continue reading

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we all looked on in incredulity

A year ago today, everyone here in Kiev, indeed in all of Ukraine received a huge shock.  A few hundred people had come out to protest then President Victor Yanukovich’s refusal to sign an association agreement with the EU, which … Continue reading

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