About Us

summer 2012

We are Mark and Donna McDonnel, missionaries with WorldVenture serving in Kyiv, Ukraine. We are originally from Texas but we now feel like our home is in Kyiv, where the Lord has directed our hearts and lives.

Through teaching, discipleship and evangelism, we are training Ukrainian believers to be grounded in the Word of God, and to make disciples and grow churches in Ukraine and beyond (Matthew 28:18-20; 2 Timothy 2:2).

We have been serving at the Kyiv Theological Seminary (KTS) in Kyiv, Ukraine, a strategic training center for Christian leaders in the former Soviet Union. Mark trains leaders, evangelists, church planters and pastors for a wide variety of ministries all over Ukraine and the former Soviet Union countries such as Russia, Belarus, and Moldova. The Lord has opened up ministry for Donna in a ministry of counseling, discipleship, and evangelism among women in Kyiv as the Lord leads.

We are both from Houston, Texas. Mark’s father is a retired pastor who ministered in the same church for 36 years. Donna became a Christian in college through the ministry of the Baptist Student Union at the University of Houston. It was there at U of H that we met, and were married after graduation. Our strong desire to serve the Lord brought us together and led us into a variety of ministry opportunities, from mission trips to church work, ministry in prisons to ministry in homeless shelters, and just serving the local church in whatever way possible. Through our time at Dallas Theological Seminary we felt God leading us to serve in the former Soviet republic of Ukraine in discipleship and leadership development. We joined WorldVenture in 1996 and arrived in Kyiv in the summer of 1998. We have been serving in Ukraine for 21 years and look forward to carrying on the work!

Please pray for our family, that we can be strong in our love for the Lord and for each other. Please pray for peace and restoration from suffering in Ukraine resulting from five years of war. Please pray for the seminary and other opportunities to train leaders for the church. Please pray for mercy and grace for those with difficult histories who struggle physically and emotionally in a country that does little to help them.

You can contact us via email at jmmcdonnel@aol.com, by our US phone numbers (Mark – 281-912-7251, Donna – 281-912-5783), or you can find us WhatsApp or on Facebook. Thank you for your interest!

4 Responses to About Us

  1. Linda says:

    nice family picture!

    I just tried to submit a comment on Donna’s page, but then WordPress said there was an Error. =(

    I told Donna that I, too, love Understood Betsy!!!!!
    Ialso mentioned that soon I’ll be going to Philly with my brother Mark and his wife Ruth and their two little girls, Tany & Sveta, 8 and 7 y.o. who they adopted in April from St. Petersburg. =) They’re beautiful and playful, energetic children!!!!
    I hope this one gets sent to you.
    Love and prayers,

  2. steve boles says:

    I will be in Ukraine a bit later this summer. I would like to meet with you, if possible, to discuss your disability ministry. Our organization, Mark 2 Ministries, also has a disability ministry in Ukraine (Zhytomyr). Email me if you get this…


    steve boles

  3. Anna says:

    Okay, Mommy and Daddy, I love you, but we need a new picture of us :o)

  4. Anna says:

    Yay, we now have a current picture! I’m sorry Mommy, if I sounded demanding – I’m amazed at all you do to keep up with these sites, as well as “Donna’s Takes”…good job and well done; it looks great!

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