Contribute to our ministry

The Lord has led us to minister in Ukraine and he has also called people to support that ministry through prayer and finances. We receive no salary from an organization or church. Rather, churches and individuals choose to support us by giving either one time gifts, or by giving a certain amount each month.

Would you please consider financially supporting us each month? We believe that God has called us to Ukraine, and so we believe that he will lead people to support us.  If you would like to give to our financial support, the easiest way to do that is via this link

or by typing in : into your web browser.

Thank you so much for praying with us. Please let us know if you have any questions.

2 Responses to Contribute to our ministry

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  2. William Hall says:

    Hello my name is william I always had a vision to one day Help in the Ukraine Im been praying puting everything up to the Lord that if it is his Will for me to help in the Ukraine that he would lead me to a Ministrie in the Ukraine. I just ran across your page by looking at the youtube videos and it was very interested to me could you send me imfo on your minstrie my address is 320 rivers reach ct #213 princefredrick Md 20678. thank you. What got me interested in helping in the Ukraine My chruch helps over in the Ukraine they help start churches over there. their webpage is if you want to take a look at their minstrie. I currently work at a job In the USA call the ARC the arc is a program that helps people that are disabled to be more on their own Its very rewarding its like a Minstrie. I feel On my heart that I have a mission to do Gods will in The Ukraine also I hope my vision of helping over there comes true.

    Brother in Christ


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